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La Paz, BCS Mexico
May 1, 2001

General Information:
The Bisbee family, Baja Life Magazine and Baja Tours are proud to present the MINI-BISBEE…a day of fishing events including a tournament ran by kids for kids. The events will be held on Wednesday, May 1st, in conjunction with the La Paz Tequila and Mariachi Festival, local children, their parents and international visitors are invited to take part in this full day of relaxing fun in the sun where all kids up to age 16 are invited to participate. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join their kids in the festivities.

All proceeds derived from the event will be donated to DIF in La Paz. Donations will be accepted all day long and are greatly appreciated.

Kids older than 16 are welcome to come and listen to the music, enjoy the fun outdoors and help the event organizers as needed!

The Mini-Bisbee Events:
Two Bisbee’s contests will be taking place on Wednesday, May 1st.

One will be an actual fishing tournament for kids that have access to pangas and the other will be a casting contest on the pier. Both events will take place all day on Wednesday, May 1st from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

There is no entry fee for either event and the first 500 kids to check in will receive Official Mini-Bisbee Festival T-Shirts.

Awards will be presented for both events on the municipal pier at 5:00 PM. There will be fun activities taking place all day long, accompanied with music and kids oriented booths.

Casting contest:

Where: Municipal Pier
Time: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Tournament organizers will have several stations set up for casting towards multiple targets placed in the water around the pier. Contestants will make their best efforts to hit the targets, accumulating points for their efforts. Each child will be allowed 5 casts and the most accumulated points will be rewarded with prizes. Contestants may check in throughout the day and make their best efforts to win the awards.

OFFSHORE Fishing Tournament:
All participants will need to check in at the pier beginning at 8:00 AM. Once checked in, anglers may leave the pier and begin their fishing. Prizes will be awarded for the biggest fish in the following species:

1) Bonito
2) Mackerel
3) Dorado
4) Tuna
5) Wahoo
6) Yellowtail
7) Billfish (release only. Photo verification needed)
8) Grouper/bottom Species (consisting of all legal bottom fish species)

Awards will be given for the largest 3 fish in each species category. Awards categories will be broken down within the following age groups:

Age 7-9
Age 10-12
Age 13-14
Age 15-16 (Seniors)

The awards for the billfish release division will be based on the most quantity of billfish, with ties being divided by time. Anglers need to record their time of release. This information must accompany the angler along with the quantity at the time of the afternoon check-in at the municipal pier.

Boat Tournament Rules:
1. Participating anglers must abide by the tournament’s rules.
2. IGFA rules apply at all times.
3. All anglers are responsible for knowing the local state and federal regulations pertaining to species and quantities of landings and must abide by these laws.
4. Kids of the ages between 14-16 may participate in this event in a special "seniors category". They will be able to receive awards for this category only. This tournament is open to children up through age 16.
5. Line and teasers will be in the water no earlier than 8:00 AM. Fishing will end at 3:00 PM. A fish hooked prior to the "stop fishing" time may be fought until boated or lost provided they arrive at the weigh station prior to its closing at 4:30 PM.
6. All fish brought to the weigh station may have their mouths taped closed, however, once the weigh station personnel have raised the fish, the tape will be removed from the fish’s mouth. Nothing will be pulled from the fish's mouth, however, whatever may fall free from the fish due to gravity will remain out when determining the fish's weight.
7. The rod, reel, line, leader, lure and hook(s) must accompany each fish to be weighed and be presented to the weigh station personnel. All terminal tackle regulations as described by the IGFA will apply.
8. Black, Blue and Striped Marlin as well as Sailfish will count in the release categories. Release Awards will be based on the following point structure:
Anglers will be awarded 25 points for each Sailfish or Striped marlin released.
Anglers will be awarded 50 points for each Black or Blue marlin released.
9. In case of a tie between anglers, the angler first weighing in shall be determined the winner. In the release categories, this will be determined by the reported times of releases.
10. Anglers may receive assistance in catching their fish, however, the angler must do the majority of the fighting.
11. Anglers are responsible for their own bait. Any lures, teasers or bait may be used as approved by the IGFA.
12. Anglers may use up to 80 lb. "manufacturers stated" line class.


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